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Germany to build the future of car whihc PC remote object identified 70 meters

German scientists unveiled a "future car" mystery. This car is actually a Volkswagen Passat, will "speak" long "eye", entirely remote from the computer without trouble the driver. Free University in Berlin, researchers in the area around the capital after the completion of the test, the car even allowed on the road.

German scientists have developed a series of future car uses advanced equipment, the rear luggage compartment equipped with computers, electronic equipment and a highly accurate satellite navigation system, front-end to install a video camera, roof, installed around the front and rear bumper laser scanner. Free University of artificial intelligence research group leader Paul - Rogas said: "This car can identify 70 meters of the other cars, pedestrians, buildings and trees, or even be able to see the traffic lights turn red or green light accordingly response in fact, this vehicle identification surroundings and react much faster than humans. "

The Passat costs 400,000 euros (about $ 551,800), using a large number of special built-in technology, scientists have successfully developed over four years. Most recently, including Google and other companies are developing the future of automotive technology.


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