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Girl was swept away by the Indian Ocean tsunami in Indonesia

2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, an Indonesian girl was Buy Runescape Gold swept away, all the relatives and friends all thought she was killed. Seven years later, the girl suddenly appeared in the home.

December 26, 2004 Boxing Day (Boxing Day, Boxing Day),Cheap Runescape Gold  the Indian Ocean tsunami suddenly of Sumatra's Aceh province (Aceh) 15-year-old girl Bhagwati (Wati) was swept away by waves from the hands of her mother, At that time my mother also worked to seize the other two daughters. Megawati again and again no news from all family members and friends that she has died.

21, a friend suddenly a girl with a scarf to the Bhagwati's grandfather Ibrahim (Ibrahim) at home. Friends said that the girl sitting in a coffee shop without a word, when questioned, she claimed came from Banda Aceh (Banda Aceh) city, trying to go home, but now can not find a way home . The girl can not remember the names of any relatives, in addition to "Ibrahim" name. Ibrahim believes that this is likely to be missing 7-year granddaughter.

Ibrahim's parents informed Bhagwati, through its mole elbow and a small scar, the girl in front of the parents to confirm that long-lost Sukarnoputri. But seven years Sukarnoputri what happened, is still unknown.


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