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However it is the first chapter in any WoW Gold Guide

Perhaps blizzard should enforce a law to farming? Or allow players to tag a mob and allow them preparation time to kill the mob they were targeting? Well, Blizzard is not a government and even if so, the government today isn't perfect either.

This is the most basic, least risky, but also most time consuming of all the ways to make gold in Cataclysm. However it is also the first chapter in any WoW Gold Guide. Any material that is used for farming is valuable, so don't destroy anything in your bags unless it is grey vendor trash. Cloth, Leather, Meats, elemental items, and even feathers are all extremely valuable to crafters.

You should check your auction house, or your WoW Gold Guide to see which are in demand. Remember, there are several types of each item, depending on item level, and surprisingly the lower level items are often more valuable.


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